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6 Genius Tips to Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading | Discover the Secrets Now!

July 5, 2024 | by whatsthisbookabout.com


6 Genius Tips to Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading

Sure. But before that a little back story.

I remember when I was a child and hated reading because all I had were school textbooks. However, for one summer vacation, my dad took me to a local library and got me a few children’s books. One of them was from the “Famous Five” series by Enid Blyton, a book about five kids who go on exciting adventures and solve mysteries. As soon as I finished that book, I wanted to read the next one. Since then, I’ve read many different books, but those children’s books remain close to my heart.

I understand you too want your kids to read books instead of spending time scrolling on their phones, and I think I can help with that. What worked for me might work for you. Here are 6 Genius Tips to get your children into the habit of reading:

Find Out What Books They Like


Children are difficult to convince if they don’t like something. It makes sense to find out what interests your kids and then choose books accordingly. For example, if your child loves animals, find books with animal characters or stories about animals. If they’re into space, look for children’s books about astronauts and planets. Once you know their interests, you can gift them books on those topics. Read with them and let their curiosity take over. Having a topic of interest is crucial so that reading doesn’t feel like a chore but something they enjoy.


Children Learn by Imitation and Example

Children learn a lot from their surroundings and by imitating adults as shown in studies. If they see you reading, they will naturally be curious about what you’re doing. Use this opportunity to build their interest in reading. Share with them the interesting things you read, making sure the topics are easy for them to understand. By setting an example, you create a win-win situation where you enjoy reading, and they are inspired to do the same.

Do Not Force; Let It Come Naturally

No one ever had to force me to read comics. I used to read a lot of Indian comics like Tinkle and Champak, and storybooks like Panchatantra and Aesop’s Fables. The key is not to force your child to read but to make reading a fun and natural activity. Let them choose what they want to read and allow them to enjoy the process. Let them start with comics and eventually they will move to other books.

Reduce Screen Time

Encouraging your child to read involves setting boundaries for screen time. Instead of handing them a phone or tablet, offer a book that aligns with their interests. You can also create a cozy and inviting reading nook in your home, complete with comfortable seating and good lighting, to make reading a more appealing activity. In addition, plan family reading times where everyone gathers to read their own books or take turns reading aloud. By limiting screen time and making reading a fun and engaging alternative, you’ll help your child develop a lasting habit of reading. This would create core memories for your children associating reading with fun.

Tell Part of the Story, Ask Them to Read the Rest

One effective way to spark your child’s interest in reading is to begin a story for them and stop at an exciting part. This cliffhanger approach creates suspense and curiosity, motivating them to continue reading on their own to find out what happens next. Choose books with captivating storylines and engaging characters that are appropriate for their reading level. You can read the first few chapters together and then encourage them to finish the book independently. This method not only fosters a love for reading but also helps improve their reading skills and comprehension as they eagerly follow the story to its conclusion.

Replace Phones with e-Readers

If your child is deeply attached to their phone, consider introducing an e-reader as a healthier alternative. E-readers are designed for reading and lack the distractions of apps and games, making it easier for your child to focus on books. Fill the e-reader with a variety of books that match their interests, from adventure stories to educational content. This way, they can enjoy the convenience of technology while engaging in reading. You can also set up reading goals or challenges to make it more exciting. By replacing their phone with an e-reader, you provide them with a dedicated device for reading, helping to cultivate a lifelong love for books.

Amazon’s Kindle is a good e-reader and provides bang for the buck and many books on kindle cost less compared to paperback or hardcover books and some are even free on kindle. E-readers can hold many books without having to create a separate space to accommodate all your books. Oh, and you also help in reducing the consumption of paper so yeah e-Readers FTW.

By implementing these tips, you can help your child develop a love for reading. Remember, the goal is to make reading enjoyable and a natural part of their daily routine. Follow the routine for 21 days and see the difference. Happy reading!


Though I have recommended a few books which I read as a kid, you can read this post for choosing books for your children.

Your children will get into reading books, but are YOU into reading? Know what type of reader you are and find your next read here.


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